Welcome to the my online home of my journalism. Here you’ll find samples of my work and more information about where I’ve been and what I can do.

In my blog posts, I’ll shine a light on how I produce my work and why I love journalism. I’ll comment on my own work as well as that of others, in hopes of challenging all of us to consider what distinguishes good journalism from bad and to demand better. Good journalism that accurately informs and engages people is necessary now more than ever for a functioning democracy. I want to reach out to those who feel voiceless and hold those in power accountable. I hope my work will help you consider a new idea, step into different shoes or gain a better understanding of the world around you.

As a living, breathing person with strong passions, some stories seem more important to me than others, and I’ll naturally find stories related to these topics and post about them. While this list constantly evolves, here’s a few subjects that light my fire these days:

  • media ethics
  • ecological sustainability
  • social inequality
  • democracy movements
  • food politics, economics and culture
  • localization and globalization
  • science and health care
  • education
  • human rights

Please contact me with any story ideas, questions or comments. I would love to hear from you. Thanks for visiting!

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