Double Bylines and Briefs

Tampa Bay Times

7-year-old boy drowns off St. Pete Beach July 4, 2012
Police identified the 7-year-old boy who drowned Sunday afternoon on St. Pete Beach.

Authorities: Drug-addicted former principal goes on rampage, killing two, injuring nine others June 23, 2012
A maroon Ford Five Hundred Limited idled in the parking lot behind the Egg Platter restaurant.
A white Ford Ranger pulled in behind it, and two women stepped out. They hurried to the car and, frantically, tried to pull the driver out.
Clearly intoxicated, the man wobbled to his feet. His white T-shirt was soaked in blood.

Seminole family escapes house fire June 21, 2012
Maria Scarzafava was having one of those late-night cravings that only frozen egg rolls can cure.

Police: One dead in St. Petersburg home invasion June 20, 2012
The four masked men stormed up to the house with purpose early Tuesday morning.
They walked in a single line, taking time to move a lawn chair in their way.
It took just two strong kicks to break down the door of the rust-colored single family home at 7014 Orpine Drive N.

Barking dog alerts couple to fire in Oldsmar home June 19, 2012
Patti Autore’s 6-year-old wheaten terrier barks in her living room every morning as neighbors head to work.
But on Monday morning, the barks sounded urgent. At 8 a.m., Autore and her boyfriend, Mike Brenner, were awakened as Savannah continued to bark and even walked into their bedroom.

SUV drives into Pinellas Park house June 18, 2012
An SUV crashed into the living room of a Pinellas Park home before dawn Monday.

Tampa, St. Petersburg red-light cameras making money, reducing violations June 8, 2012
At least for a while, it’s a revenue source government can count on: red-light runners.
Halfway through the first year with controversial intersection red-light cameras, Tampa and St. Petersburg each pocketed about $1 million in fines. That puts both cities on track to meet original revenue projections for the cameras.

Volunteers rescue injured eaglet from Largo pine tree May 31, 2012
Using cameras, binoculars and scopes from 300 feet away, volunteers kept watch on the bald eagle nest and the baby inside.

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