The Gainesville Sun

SWAG center tackling dilemmas facing southwest Gainesville’s poor Sept. 26, 2012
Saretha Smoake’s three girls have one less excuse for not doing their homework. Cameline St. Fabre no longer has to walk 25 minutes to use a public computer to look for jobs. And Deputy Leo Lowe can walk through the neighborhood in uniform without kids running away from him.

Tampa Bay Times

Brandon native Chris Colwill confident as he heads to second Olympics with U.S. diving team July 26, 2012
Chris Colwill stood on the 3-meter springboard. A lifetime of work was riding on what he did next.

‘Robots in disguise’ on display at Poynter Library Transformers exhibit June 27, 2012
For almost 20 years, his obsession has been tattooed on his back, visible only to his wife and friends and family. Now it’s on public display.

Celebration honors parents who worked to get their kids back June 16, 2012
Lakiesha Debarros had a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend. But on a night in June last year, police responded to a domestic violence call from the mother of three.

Triplets and their family must split for graduation ceremonies June 6, 2012
They call each other best friends. They finish one another’s sentences. Sometimes one will have a song stuck in her head, and then another will walk by singing it.
But, “it’s so funny to even think of them as triplets,” said friend Megan Bridges, 18, “because they’re so different.”

The Independent Florida Alligator

Robotics club president brings passion, dedication to team Jan. 9, 2012
As a senior in high school, Camilo Buscaron built a robotic arm for a science fair project. Now, as a UF senior, he wants to push robotics further and leave behind a legacy.

The Fine Print

In The Meadow Dec. 31, 2011
At 5, Sylvia Paluzzi had to complete a task, putting pegs in their proper holes, before she could join her friends outside. At 6, teachers pulled her out of class for coloring outside the lines. They told her she was careless and couldn’t draw.
Some kids withdraw from school because of incidents like these, Paluzzi said, now a teacher herself. Positive preschool experiences can make children think school is wonderful, while negative ones can make them lose their natural love of learning, she said.
Paluzzi hopes this never happens at her school.

The North Florida Herald

Single book passed nearly a mile in honor of new library Jan. 27, 2011
Long before computers and the Internet, Claire Oliverio pulled down encyclopedias and dictionaries from the shelves of the public library to do her schoolwork.

Public baptisms: People of many faiths join at Ichetucknee for spiritual event Oct. 7, 2010
As plugged noses on shiny, wet faces emerged from the chilly water again and again, a chorus of “amens,” “hallelujahs,” and “praise Gods” became the soundtrack to “Baptism Sunday.”

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