In the Tampa Bay Times: Kayaking from Minnesota to Key West

“Daniel Alvarez woke up Thursday on a spoil island south of the Belleair Causeway and folded the tarp under which he had slept through pouring rain the night before. The clouds had parted for the morning sun, but he knew there would be storms ahead, so he wanted to get an early start.

He pulled his black hat down on his forehead and tucked the tarp into his 17-foot yellow sea kayak, the vessel that carried him here from Northwest Angle, Minn., the northernmost point in the lower 48, a journey of more than 3,000 miles.”

This guy is awesome. Great story by Ben Montgomery with photos and video.

Up to speed

From now on I’ll be posting about the journalism I produce and consume. But to start off, here’s a quick recap of my last few months:

This summer I interned as a reporter with the Tampa Bay Times. I worked on the metro desk in the paper’s main office in St. Petersburg, Fla., and I contributed to the paper’s coverage of Tropical Storm Debby and an afternoon murder spree. I sat through city commission and school board meetings. I wrote about stingrays, red light cameras and house fires. I interviewed a diver preparing for the Olympics, a nerd showing off his Transformers collection, a mother who earned back custody of her kids.

Now I’m back in Gainesville to finish my last year at the University of Florida’s journalism school. My semester will be full of journalism — I’m taking beat reporting, law of mass communications, visual journalism and photojournalism lighting. For the next few months, I’ll be learning about media law, working on my photo and multimedia skills and freelancing for the local newspaper, The Gainesville Sun.

So if you have questions about first amendment rights, contact me. If you want to model in one of my shoots, get in touch. If you have an idea for something you think I should cover, let’s talk.