John Cleese – A lecture on creativity


Thirteen minutes of John Cleese! On being creative!

Snow Fall

Check out this New York Times multimedia piece about skiers and snowboards trapped by an avalanche. It’s an interesting, somewhat-new approach that, as one writer at Poynter put it, “tells the story through text, photos, videos and interactive graphics that blend seamlessly and come alive on the Web page.”

I read this in the middle of a family snowboarding trip to Jackson Hole, Wyo., right after the resort received about a foot of fresh snow. Days later, as we rode the chairlifts, the gondola and the tram, we could look up at the rocky cliffs above us and still see giant patches of white snow pocked with black spots — leftovers of dynamite the ski patrol set off to cause controlled mini-avalanches and protect everyone at the resort.

Happy New Year!

As I welcomed 2013 and updated this site with my latest clips, I noticed a huge lack of promised blog posts from 2012.

I produced and consumed plenty of journalism throughout the fall, and I posted about it on Twitter and Facebook, but my last blog post was way back in September. I could say I’ve had a lot on my plate as a full-time student with a part-time job (albeit by far the best job on campus). But the truth is it’s been hard for me to get into the habit of blogging when the world offers so much to do and see offline and so much life to live away from my computer!

For posterity’s sake then, I’ll repost some of my Twitter and Facebook updates here before I start my whirlwind of a spring semester — my last semester AHHH!

I’ll leave you with a New Years series from The Big Picture, one of my favorite sources of photojournalism.

Silenced Voices – A look at rape cases in Gainesville

Tyler Jett worked on this story for nine months, and it shows!

His story gives personal accounts and also touches on the big-picture issues of how “rape is underreported, misrepresented in pop culture, difficult to prosecute and has a severe psychological impact on the victims.” Check out the interview with Tyler, published online to the left of the story, about his reporting and writing process and his thoughts on the problems involved with charging and convicting rapists.

The feature piece was a welcome edition to the student-run newspaper, The Independent Florida Alligator, and Tyler did a fantastic job on a topic that should be talked about more often.

Being there

“The price we pay for not being where news happens can be reckoned not only in less good journalism, but in less good policy. Because, make no mistake, some portion of the information governments call ‘intelligence’ is nothing more than an attentive reading of the news. ”
–Bill Keller, former executive editor of The New York Times

Pants on fire! Politifact’s guide to Thanksgiving dinner

Facts! They’re real! They exist!

When your crazy uncle starts spouting off on his latest political rant, you can thoughtfully engage him with Politifact’s guide to Thanksgiving dinner. Or you can do what I do and practice your best poker face and your noncommittal “hmms.” Or you can gather the rest of your weird family and start an all-out brawl.